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Faayiz Enterprise is a trusted partner and a recognized player in the distribution of engineering products and manpower services to offshore Oil & Gas and Construction industry. We pride ourselves with our ability of supplying incredibly large quantities of steel Pipe & fittings, bolt and nuts, gasket, flanges, elbows, valves, steel plates, angle bars, I-beams and Reinforcing Bars. With a number of delivery centers laid out across Africa and beyond


Faayiz Enterprise has a selective management team that is dedicated and knowledgeable with a focus on delivering quality services that meet expectations and on time. Our team is highly motivated and committed to the highest standards to ensure that each service delivery is completed to the highest level with the utmost care.


About Our Company

Our core values are streamlined and ideal. They are premised on Reliability, Switfness, Desire, Integrity, Ethics, and Timeliness,


Our Strategy

Faayiz enterprise

We believe in performing consistently well and establishing a trustworthy relationship with our partners and clients.

Faayiz enterprise

Innovation and sustaining our
credibility has been one of our priorities.

Faayiz enterprise

We practice flexibility and responsiveness
in our service delivery.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of industrial services