Faayiz enterprise
Abdallah Ibrahim

Marketing Manager

Abdallah Ibrahim has been working as a Marketing Manager since 2013. Having worked in the construction sector for most of his career and subsequently in the engineering field, Abdallah is a gem in the industry which has been achieved on the back of due diligence and attention to detail. Our trusted customers thoroughly appreciate not only his extensive knowledge of the sector, but also his ability to foster strong relations and putting the customer first. He began his working life as a construction expert abroad where he honed his experience while supervising several projects and winning the admiration of his team and clients. Subsequently, he established his own construction firm shortly after his stay abroad. Abdallah, along with the company’s current executive members, setup Faayiz Enterprise in 2021

Mohammed Seidu

Administrative Associate

Mohammed operates in our administrative department. With a solid foundation in IT, administration and creative services, Mohammed is a valuable asset to the team. He brings on board great experiences gathered from work at various companies in his field including the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority. Mohammed is known for his incredible attention to detail and working to make sure there are structures to help in the delivery of products and services in a secure, reliable and timely manner.

Faayiz enterprise
Faayiz enterprise
Suallah Iddriss Bamba

Operations Associate

Suallah – with a number of qualifications including a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology, Suallah makes sure our operation s tick. Having served at the IT department of the Parliament of Ghana  and valuable work experience from the Ghana Export Promotions Authority, he brings on board a wealth of knowledge that shapes our service and product delivery. His ability to work under extreme circumstances is something we all cherish. He strives without exception, to maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in his relationships with our customers.